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For Trustee, Group, & Service Provider accounts only. To reset passwords for Individual Students, Facuty, & Staff, please use Reset Password.

NOTE: Passwords cannot be changed more than once in a 7-day period. Please call the Helpdesk at 617-879-2309 if you have any questions.

If your name is Lucy Wheelock, your username is either 'LWheelock' or 'Lucy.Wheelock'. Please do not include '@' or anything that follows it in your e-mail address.
⚠ Please enter only your Wheelock username, not your full e-mail address.
If you have forgotten your current password, please contact the Helpdesk (617-879-2309).

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  2. Must not contain parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters—for example, if your name is “Lucy Wheelock” you cannot have "eel" anywhere in your password.
  3. Must be at least 6 characters in length.
  4. Must contain 3 of the 4 following character types:
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